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“We all have wings to fly, we just have to fall out the nest to discover them.” – V. Helena

An accomplished author, television and film producer, V. Helena has been writing creatively for over 30 years. A graduate of American University's Film and Television Production program, this Haitian-American has secured degrees in the areas of television and film production, business administration, and law.  


V has written and produced a number of feature length films (When I’m Ready), music videos (George Howard’s, Let’s Unwind), theatre plays (The Mountaintop Experience) and in 2010, established Phoenix Rizen Entertainment, an entertainment conglomerate for book publishing, and film/video productions. 


Her book of poetry and short stories entitled, His Love Is Freedom, was published in 2006, followed by its companion compilation, His Love Is Complete, in 2012.  V is currently working on her debut novel, The Women of Woodmost and a three-book suspense thriller series that takes place in her hometown of Washington D.C.  Check back for information on release dates.

Since 2017, V has served as executive producer and host of The Writer's Haven Show with V. Helena. The show features the work of New York Times Best Selling authors, award-winning playwrights, songwriters and filmmakers who discuss the craft and business of writing in their genre.  The show is currently broadcast throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia areas, and is streamed on 9 platforms including the American Legacy Network, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify and YouTube.  

In 2023, V will launch the podcast, #LiterallySpeaking featuring influencers and thought leaders in discussion about a host of topics including books, music, politics, sexuality, mental health, relationships--if people are talking about it, you'll hear about it in this creative space.  The show will be featured on Spotify, iTunes, and iHeartRadio.


V. Helena lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her devoted apprentice, "Wookie the Morkie".


" To catch fire on purpose, you have to be willing to take risks.  Whatever your passion,  be willing to breathe fire for it...and soar.  " - V Helena, Catch Fire on Purpose


“I really enjoyed reading your manuscript.  I felt the presence of the Lord throughout, and cannot wait to see the mighty and awesome things He is going to do with and through you!”


—Jamellah Ellis, Author of That Faith,

That Trust, That Love

“A spiritually insightful and emotion-evoking work.  The poems and stories here will enrich the heart of anyone who is looking for love, and those of us who have found it.

—Kwame Alexander, Author of the Crossover, Solo, and The Door of No Return

“Honest and Compelling.”


—Kevin Wayne Johnson, Author of the book series Give God the Glory

“I picked up V. Helena’s latest work and didn’t put it down until I had read every page...not once, but twice!  I have always considered Spring was my favorite season of both the year and a relationship, but what V. Helena’s personal and poignant words reminded me is that because of the completeness of HIS love there is joy in all seasons.”

—Juan H. Gaddis, Author of The Shelf Life of Secrets

“Your words became a meditation for me—on love promised and desired; even on love that I may have found and then lost.  For that, I thank you.  Through pieces like Imperfect, BUT Perfect for Each Other, Once, Embracing the Process, and Passionate Love, His Love Is Complete became a prayer.  V. Helena—thank you for praying for me.”

—Tinesha Davis, Author of Holler at the Moon and Twice on Sundays

“Dreamcatchers are dreamers
who catch fire on purpose.”
– V. Helena
Writer's Haven Show with V. Helena - Promo for SEASON 5!!

Writer's Haven Show with V. Helena - Promo for SEASON 5!!

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V. Helena is the executive producer and host of the Writer’s Haven Show, a show featuring the work of nationally and internationally known authors, filmmakers, playwrights, and songwriters who discuss the craft and business of writing. The artists speak of their passion, process, and projects to inspire others with the same endeavor.


The format of the show includes one-on-one interviews with the artists, panel discussions with industry insiders, and breaking industry news.  Since its conception in 2017, the show has steadily increased its broadcasting footprint to include 23 channels broadcast in the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia areas and have 9 international streaming platforms to include the American Legacy NetworkYouTubeiTunes, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.  THE HAVEN (as it is most commonly referred) has features artists who are trailblazers in their field.  


V. Helena created and produced the show to connect accomplished writers of literature, TV, and film with "dreamers" inspired to pursue and "catch" their dreams.  The consummate dreamcatcher, V understands the importance of growing "in purpose" and surrounding oneself with a tribe of like-minded dreamcatchers.  The Writer's Haven Show is a televised forum of ideas and creativity.

For more information about the show, visit our website at

or tune into our YouTube channel to catch missing episodes

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V is available for speaking engagements related to the topics of her books as well as discussions on starting a business, television production and producing, filmmaking, and fiction and non-fiction writing.  She has also been a speaker for teen and community events.  With degrees in Communications, Film/Television Production, and a writing career that spans over 30 years (ten as a published author), V brings a unique perspective to any conference or workshop.



The ABC's of Television & Film Production

V discusses the basic aspects of film and television production projects given her experience in producing commercials, television shows, music videos, and feature-length films (including documentaries). 


From Novel to Scriptwriting

An accomplished fiction and screenwriter, V discusses everything from outlining your novel, character development, storyboarding, and writing for film/video productions.


Branding for Business
V discusses business ownership, branding techniques, and the importance of networking in your field.  She also discusses the importance of social media and how to be successful in promoting your brand and business on major social outlets.


Lights, Camera, Interview!

V provides pointers to prepare you for media appearances and interviews.  Using her insights as an on-camera interviewer and producer, V gets you ready for 'your close-up'.


CEO - Create, Execute, Own (It)
Learn how to foster an environment of creativity, empowerment, and accountability.  V provides a presentation for women CEOs in which she shares insights on the triumphs and challenges of growing a business in this ever-changing (and male-dominated) world of business and technology.  Using emotional intelligence and business acumen as the foundation, V provides insights on what she's learned as a business owner in retail, publishing, and television/film. 


To schedule V. Helena for a speaking engagement, complete the form below to submit your inquiry.

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His Love Is Freedom:  A Compilation of Spiritual Exhortations from the Heart


“Although I believed He was with me, I wasn’t filled with His peace and a true knowledge of His love.  I was breathing, but I wasn’t living.  I wasn’t free.”

- V. Helena

In her debut book, His Love Is Freedom, V. Helena offers a compelling perspective on the challenges in maintaining a solid relationship with the Lord and using that connection to foster healthy relationships with the important people in your life.  


From dealing with family members, co-workers, and others who insist on wreaking havoc in your life, to that love relationship that doesn’t seem to be on secure footing, V. Helena offers insight and encouragement on overcoming these impasses armed with the strength in having a vertical connection with the Father.  Based on over 100 interviews with couples and singles who shared their personal challenges, V Helena offers counsel through poetry, short stories, and scriptural devotions.

His Love Is Complete:  A Compilation of Love Sonnets, Short Stories, and

other Libations from the Heart

“This book was written for Christian couples that just can’t get enough of each other!!  Whether it’s a warm embrace, a small peck, a pat on the behind, or a knowing smile, this collection celebrates a universal bond that is uniquely yours.”  

– V. Helena

In her book, His Love Is Complete, V. Helena pens a sensuous and sultry body of work celebrating the triumphs of a soul-felt love as inspired by the Book of Solomon.  In this collection of Love Sonnets, Short Stories, and Other Libations from the Heart,

V. Helena explores the Bibles most passionate scriptures to create a collection of poetry and short stories that promise to reignite even the most dormant of relationships.  Written specifically for couples, this collection reaffirms the concept of a burning and true love as sanctioned by the Creator in its most heavenly form.

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