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Are You on FIRE for the New Decade?

I'm on FIRE for this new Decade! What are you planning to uncover, do different, or achieve this year? I'm one that generally shies away from new year (new decade) resolutions, but there is something about the start of this one that really has me wanting to beat my chest and shout at the sun in victory! Turning on the news, I see our country in utter chaos political, Mother Nature is expressing her disdain for our breach in doing our part, people are suffering all over the world and hopelessness is unending. It's a sad case of affairs and yet, in the midst of all of this, I also see people helping each other, donating their time and resources to someone else. I see our young people taking back the mic and refusing to allow us grown people to f@ck up this environment without hearing from them. People are making the best of intolerable situations and are making a way out of no way. People are fighting back in a small (and sometimes big) way and that's encouraging. It only takes one Greta Thunberg to start a movement and that's inspiring. It reminds me of why it's so important to do my part in the human ecosystem. We can ALL make a difference in a small/big way within our own orbit or throughout the universe.

So what am I going to do to get the most out of this new decade? Well, basically I plan to listen to my heart and allow my passion and purpose to lead me. My mind will tell me how, but my heart will take the lead and keep me focused. No matter what it is that you are about to birth or cultivate, do it with all of your heart and soul. Make 2020 count and don't compromise for sh*t!

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