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All Chips On 2021!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Well...I started out the year with great expectation and with a personal agenda to kick ’doors off hinges’. It was an inspiring thought, something I needed to do to feel like I'm making a difference in the wee bit of time I have on this planet. Needless to say, all of that was disrupted and the aftermath was devastating. COVID claimed some of my family members, friends, acquaintances and threw this entire country into a divide unlike one I think (or at least hope) I'll never witness again in my lifetime. Some say it's unprecedented and yet...

I've seen people mobilize to help others. I've seen movements birthed and rebirthed. I've seen Dads in tears because they don't know from whence the next meal will come to feed their children...I’ve seen a knee on a neck...

I've seen friendships lost in the midst of political choices, and I've seen mothers giving diligent instructions on filling out mail-in ballots.

I've seen how words can manipulate half a country and how other words liberated the other half. I've seen a glimpse of a diverse and powerful future, and the acrobatic ploy to disavow a constitutional birth right. And yet...

The start of 2020 promised to be a ”vision” year, dare I say, a break out year! Today, 263,899 US citizens have died from a disease that the most powerful ”leader” in the world saw coming longggg before they did. Whether strangers or family, whether they knowingly put themselves in harm’s way with motives that were selfish or selfless...does it change the fact that they're gone? 1,404,779 have died IN THE WORLD...and counting.

It's taken me some time to process and internalize my place in the muddle. I quietly fought against this ”new normal” and although my friends would be amazed to hear this...I'm still struggling. I've successfully transitioned to the ”virtual business model”, but I'm still off. I'm still coping, and the constant whiplash of it all is exhausting. I just want off the ride...I want to wake up to a day when I don't have to shake my head listening to the elected officials of this country justify throwing it (and effectively us, because we're all seeing scenes from the same movie) into a state of upheaval, unrest, chaos and anarchy.

Every day, the sun comes up to greet me in the morning. Every day is an opportunity to get it right...and to make a difference...forge a new path...hope and dream again.

I have to have faith in tomorrow. The same faith I have in the sun rising and the hope of seeing my loved ones again. 2021 HAS to be bigger, better, stronger and kinder. I know I'm not the only one betting on better days and as long as we have breath, we can get to the other side...and yet...we can.

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